A Labs is the software and hardware development division at Indeed.
We are an innovation studio for tech products and help our clients build successful and sustainable products. We believe that diverse and cross-functional teams are key for building great products. That's why are offering an holistic innovation approach, covering all the essentials skills needed: business strategy, product design, engineering & technology.

Our Mission.

We at A Labs are helping our clients build not only successful, but sustainable companies and products – because there is no planet B. We are at a ecological, economical and social tipping point. More and better is no longer good enough. We are the last generation that can save our planet. So it’s up to us to deliver the change.

Our Capabilities.

Innovation Consulting, Industrial Design, UI/UX Design, Mechanical Engineering, Hardware- & Software Development, App & Web Development, Embedded Development, PCB Design, IoT, Frontend- & Backend Development.

Success Stories.

We’re working closely with companies of all sizes, from start-up to global enterprises and have helped our customers innovating, developing and launching products in the field of consumer electronics, personal health or life science.